COSMOS Kids Couch

COSMOS is a play couch with infinite possibilities to use it. Simple, fun & comfortable, it can be used as low-seating furniture or converted into a kid’s toy.
We are proudly made in India.

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It’s a Mountain! A Fort! A Space Pod or a Throne
The possibilities are endless when Cosmos becomes your child’s play partner.

This is the stuff dreams are made of. Kids love it and parents adore it. The Cosmos play couch unleashes your child’s creativity while doubling up as a multi-utility furniture. Cosmos can become a new thing every day, be it for pretend play, or for jumping, sliding and crashing, or just lounging or sleeping, there are no limits. It’s safe to say that, when imagination is allowed free to fly, it soars. 

What is Cosmos Made of?
Of course, lots & lots of love, & child-safe materials to make play safe & comfy!

ROHS Certified Foam

Choosing the right quality of foam was extremely important to us. We use only ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) certified foam. With zero emission of any harmful chemicals, COSMOS is 100% safe for your child. Also, the foam is of high density, to ensure it to last for years to come. Each piece of COSMOS foam has been evaluated and passed under strict safety and quality control guidelines.

Machine-Washable Fabric

We pay attention to small details; we know that sometimes the play gets dirty. So, we made sure that the top cover is removable and washable. The covers are made of 100% polyester knitted velvet fabric. The magical fabric is very soft for a comfy feel, while giving sufficient friction to climb & also keeps the cushions from slipping and sliding when stacked. To clean the covers simply toss them in a delicate wash cycle, we do not recommend tumble drying the covers.

Reverse Zippers for safety

We have put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of COSMOS. We know your child’s play can get rough as they bounce around on COSMOS. So, we added reverse zippers, to prevent skin abrasion upon direct contact. The hidden zipper teeth will protect your little one, not to mention, your walls and furniture too. The double sliders on the zippers ensures ease in putting the covers on.

Easy to Carry & Store

66 inches x 33 inches x 21 inches (L X W X H)

12 kgs (overall)

Worried about storing COSMOS? We got you! With convenient handles to carry & modular light weight foam, it’s easy to move the couch from one place to the other. It can easily blend in with your home furniture or be conveniently stacked away in a corner.



Group 852

Develop Gross Motor Skills

Group 849

Sensory Development

Group 851

Imagination & Creativity

What’s in your COSMOS box?

6 pieces of foam & infinite possibilities!

Box 1

4 Square Foam Pieces
2 Triangle Foam Pieces

Box 2

Fabric Covers for all Six Pieces

Our foam is vacuum roll packed but COSMOS does not like to stay rolled up for too long. So, open it immediately and don’t let it stay packed for more than 15 days. To open, just tear off the plastic covers, avoid using the scissors to cut open the plastic wrap. Once unpacked, the foam will regain up to 95% of its size and shape immediately and 100% shape within the next 72 hours.

Please note that COSMOS may be delivered unrolled to some homes, with covers on. And its totally okay. Just open up the box & have fun!

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  • To start assembly of the rectangles, place a square foam at one side of the rectangle. Now, make sure that the corners of the covers at the center of the rectangle are secured well with the foam, then proceed on to secure the outer corners & seam edges. Once the corners & edges are secured in place, proceed on to do the zippers, , while gently pressing the foam beneath the sliders, to prevent the foam getting trapped in them.

  • Repeat the same for the other square, to completely assemble the rectangle cover with the foam.

  • While assembling the triangles, make sure to adjust the corners & seams of the fabric with the foam, to get a good fit.

Check our User Guide for COSMOS Covers to know more
  • Yes, the covers can be hand-washed or machine-washed.

  • Wash in cold water, at or below 30 degree Celsius. Wash them separately, do not mix with other clothes. The covers may release some dye in the initial washes. For machine wash, use the Delicate setting. Do not tumble dry in the washing machine/dryer. Line dry in shade, while avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

  • In case of hand wash, do not wring. To remove excess water, squeeze gently.

  • In case of dry cleaning, use any solvent except Trichloroethylene.

  • In case of tough stains, use upholstery cleaning solutions. Do not bleach.

Check our User Guide for COSMOS Covers to know more
  • Avoid direct exposure to heat with the foam & keep the foam covered. Do not use the Cosmos couch to iron clothes, the heat can damage the foam. Do not air it in direct sunlight, if done, it would void the warranty.

  • In case of an accidental spillage, you may wash the foam gently with a mild detergent or shampoo & air it in normal room temperature.

  • In case of excessive spillage, follow the care instructions immediately. Do not keep the foam wet for a prolonged period of time.

  • Avoid exposure to excessive moisture, direct sunlight, high temperature or other severe environmental conditions.

  • Change in the foam color, observed as the yellowing of the foam is a natural oxidation process and does not impact the quality or functionality of the foam.

Check our User Guide for COSMOS Foam to know more
  • Yes, 5 years warranty is applicable on the square foams. No warranty is applicable on the triangle foams. No warranty is applicable on the cosmos covers.

  • Warranty will not be applicable if the roll-packed foam is not opened within 15 days of delivery.

  • The money back warranty is limited to Sagging, Crumbling and Natural Degeneration of the square foam only.

  • Any sort of damage to the foam while opening the package or using the foam will not be applicable for warranty claims.

Check our User Guide for COSMOS Foam to know more
  • Cosmos Foam & Covers will be eligible for replacement within 15 days of delivery only.

  • Replacement of foam or covers is only valid for scenarios of manufacturing defects like breakage of foam, distorted shape, foam does not regain even 85% of its original shape & size.

  • Any sort of damage to the foam or fabric while opening the package or using the couch will not be applicable for replacement.

Check our User Guide for COSMOS Foam & User Guide for COSMOS Covers to know more

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