User Guide for COSMOS Foam

User Guide for COSMOS Foam

Unboxing the COSMOS Foam

  • COSMOS foam is tightly vacuum roll-packed in the form ofa cylinder. It does not like to sit inside the box for verylong, so make sure to open it up within 15 days from thedate of delivery.
  • A safety cutter is provided with this box, please use that to cut the plastic wrapping around the foam. Avoid using scissors or any other cutters, for the risk of accidently cutting through the foam.
  • Once the foam is out of its packing, it will start to regain its original shape & size. It will regain about 95% of its form instantly. Remaining would be regained within the next 72


  • In case of an accidental spillage, you may wash the foam gently with a mild detergent or shampoo & air it in normal room temperature.
  • Washing will remove the components of the spillage & prevent odour. Though, stains may stay, depending the nature of the spill; but it won’t impact the quality or functionality of the foam.
  • Do not air it in direct sunlight, if done, it would void the warranty.
  • In case of spillage, follow the care instructions immediately. Do not keep the foam wet for a prolonged period of time.

Oxidation of Foam

  • Change in the foam color is a natural oxidation process.
  • Yellowing of the foam will not impact the quality or functionality of the foam. Though to prevent fast oxidation, avoid direct exposure to heat with the foam &
    keep the foam covered.

COSMOS Foam Care

  • The foam used in Cosmos is ROHS certified 28D HR
    polyurethane foam.


Warranty on COSMOS Foam

  • 5 years warranty applicable on the square foams. No warranty is applicable on the triangle foams.
  • The money back warranty is limited to Sagging, Crumbling and Natural Degeneration of the square foam only.
  • Any sort of damage to the foam while opening the package or using the foam will not be applicable for warranty claims.
  • In the unlikely event of your Cosmos foam squares develop sagging, then a prorated warranty will be applicable, depending on the date of purchase.
  • On the acceptance of warranty, credits amounting to the following list will be credited to your online purchase Account through & can be used for any purchases for a validity period of 1 year
Claim year from the date of purchase Credits
1st year 50% of the purchase price
2nd year 40% of the purchase price
3rd year 30% of the purchase price
4th year 20% of the purchase price
5th year 10% of the purchase price
  • In case of any grievance during the warranty period, please contact our Customer Care.
  • Warranty Terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Warranty is valid only on purchase made directly from TinyExplorer’s website or from an authorised dealer.
  • The foam of Cosmos play couch is subject to develop softness & change in color with daily use.

Return & Replacement Policy

  • Foam will be eligible for replacement within 15 days of
    delivery only.
    Replacement of foam is only valid for scenarios of
    manufacturing defects like breakage of foam, distorted
    shape, foam does not regain even 85% of its original shape
    & size.
  • Any sort of damage to the foam while opening the
    package or using the foam will not be applicable for
  • In a scenario that requires replacement of the foam, only
    the defective part of the entire set will undergo replacement & not the entire set.
  • The transportation cost in case of replacement to be
    borne by customer.