Introducing India's First Play Couch!

It’s time for Discovery!

Sitting still is not our top skill. We like to move it-move it! Cosmos helps us in developing our brain functions, gross and fine motor skills and boosts overall activity. That’s why my parents love it. For me, I love creating my own world with these lovelies. Jump, play, read, learn, explore for hours and hours. My life is fun! 

Learn but make it Play

My scientist aunt tells me that my baby brain is getting bigger & stronger every minute. And, so is my body. EeeehawwwSo, I need rest and play and exercise. From climbing on my imaginary tree to spotting my favorite toys, resting on the couch for a jiffy to choosing my favourite picture book, Cosmos is my best companion all day. 

Help me be Me

While I love being around elders, I absolutely dig playing independently too. Mumma trusts Cosmos to be safe, friendly and empowering. They make my days fun and help me do new things. Isn’t that cool? Boosting creativity, intelligence and confidence in me comes naturally here. 

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