How To Build Your Child’s Playroom

How To Build Your Child’s Playroom

For children to have their own space in the house helps them understand personal space. It also generates a sense of ownership which, down the line, helps them become independent and confident individuals. Children, particularly those aged 1-10, are in their most essential developmental stage. With their growing bodies and expanding minds, they should be provided with furniture explicitly constructed for their growth. Children are constantly eager to play. They are always walking about the home, playing with anything they can get their hands on. Without question, children require time to play. As responsible parents, we should understand their needs. Hence, provide them with a safe & constructive environment that not only keeps them engaged but also helps in their overall physical and mental development. 

Setting up a playroom for your children is a great way to encourage them to play. There is no one method to build a child’s playroom; however, here are a few suggestions you can consider for choosing suitable toys and furniture for your child. 

  • Build a Problem-solving Space 
  • Make Reading Fun! 
  • Give an Outdoor Experience in an Indoor Setting 

Build a Problem-solving Space 

Allowing your child to solve problems teaches them how to approach challenging circumstances and solve them independently. Activities include opening and shutting containers, opening and closing locks with a new set of keys, making meals for oneself, and many more. These exercises are basic and quick to put up, yet they have a purpose. 

A parent’s most important concern is to have a space for their children that allows them to play independently. Follow their pattern, look for what your children enjoy doing the most, which activity they prefer to do again and again, and then set a routine for them that also fits your schedule. 

Along with teaching some day-to-day activities that build independence, opt for accessible, safe, child-friendly furniture that invites open-ended play. Child furniture like wooden bookshelves, toy racks, and a play couch are excellent options. 

Make Reading Fun! 

The desire to read and learn to read begins at home. It is important to introduce children to the world of imagination at an early age through books. But, most importantly, reading is fun because it lets you explore a world full of imagination. This is where a parent learns more about their child; with preferences of books, genres, and characters, one can understand the interests of their child. 

According to research by The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology, kids who read or are read about five books a day enter kindergarten knowing 1.4 million more words. 

Reading helps to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and phonological awareness. This phonological awareness is made up of passively learned speech patterns and intricacies in pronunciation. All of this information begins with home reading. So, keep a beautiful bookshelf that adds to the room’s ambience and is also filled with books your kid loves. 

Give an Outdoor Experience in an Indoor Setting 

We are living in unexpected times with the threats of global warming and pandemics. A child having a safe environment to explore their surroundings is as crucial as having nutritious food. Physical activity has vital physiological advantages for children, but it also serves as a vehicle for children to interact with their peers and environment. In early childhood, independent movement is connected to cognitive, social, motor, linguistic, and other developmental gains. Being pushed or carried from one place to another fundamentally differs from having active control over one’s exploration, which is where developmental improvements are shown. 

Regarding mobility, it is essential to note that our homes can be the best playgrounds. As parents, our children’s safety is our utmost priority. 

What if we tell you there’s a toy that allows your child to expand their imagination, conduct open-ended independent play, and inspire them to be physically and mentally active simultaneously—all in the space of your living room? 

Seems unbelievable? It’s NOT. 

A Play Couch for your Kids 

Tiny Explorer’s play couch “COSMOS” is a furniture toy that is safe, modular, and promotes open-ended play. This couch is made with high-density foam & removable fabric covers! 

When you are busy in a meeting or the kitchen, your child doesn’t have to sit with their eyes glued to a screen. Instead, let their imagination grow with our play couch that allows them to build structures with the 6-piece foam set. Kids love this couch because of its ability to turn rough play into a comforting experience, as it is safe, durable, and multi-purpose. 

Cosmos play couch not only encourages independence but is also suitable for everyone! So, anyone the child invites to play with them, our couch will welcome them all. It is equally important to note that children tend to get bored with a toy easily, and most of the time, any damage is inevitable. Therefore, Cosmos play couch is the best product to get your hands on. It has reversible zippers on washable covers for six pieces of high-density foam, making it the right furniture your child needs. 

This one-of-a-kind furniture in your kid’s playroom will help them develop into confident individuals who are not afraid of facing challenges and have an incredible imagination. 

Connect with us to understand more about India’s first play couch! 

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