Introducing India’s first play couch!

Introducing India’s first play couch!

Is it a spacecraft, or a boat; a mountain, or a fort? 

It’s Cosmos! & it can be anything! 

Tiny Explorer proudly introduces India’s first play couch, “Cosmos”, an innovative, modular, open-ended furniture, that is also a toy! 

Aren’t we as parents always looking for ways to keep the kids busy indoors, without pulling out the screens? We know that children are full of imagination & they constantly look out for newer things to play with. What if we help them plug into their imagination & bring their wildest ideas to life, with the safety & comfort of being indoors? 

It is possible. With Cosmos play couch, which can be used in infinite configurations, it is a perfect open-ended, imaginative play partner for your child. 

What is Cosmos play couch made of? 

It is simply made of 6 pieces of foam & removable fabric covers, intelligently crafted to make it a versatile modular couch that can be converted into several different formations for play. Intricate details like reversible zippers enable scratch-free play. What makes it durable are the high-density RoHS certified foam, with 5 years of warranty & machine washable covers. 

In how many ways can Cosmos be used? 

The possibilities are infinite!  

From being a cozy lounger to chill out on, it can be converted into builds for active play, can be a safe space to be rough, tumbledown or crash, & can also be converted into different objects from a child’s imagination & enable pretend play.   

Why do parents love it too? 

The joy of having Cosmos is that it’s a toy that the kids don’t get bored with within an hour. Kids can be safely occupied for hours. It immensely helps in the physical development of a child & builds confidence. Instead of being glued to the screen, children can be involved in purposeful play. Using Cosmos is easy since the removable & washable covers are easy to clean.  

Why do kids love Cosmos play couch? 

It’s perfect for the bad-weather days when kids can’t play outside. Or, even for those days where the child has all those pent-up energies to use. A play couch can become an indoor playground, with an opportunity to jump, climb & fall without the thought of getting hurt. It can also amazingly be used for quiet time, to rest, read a book, or watch a movie. Interesting isn’t it!  

What makes Cosmos Play Couch a winner is that the kids don’t get bored in an hour & they love to play on it every single day. 

Which age group is the play couch for? 

For all ages! People at different ages use it differently. Our youngest user is an infant & the oldest is 75years old! It has versatile usage, from being used for napping, crawling, climbing, learning to walk, by infants; active play by children, to lounging for all ages. This is one kids’ play thing that everyone would love & use.  

Where is Cosmos Play Couch made? 

Cosmos play couch is proudly made in India.  

Want to get one play couch home?   

Check out Cosmos Play Couch & join Tiny Explorer on a new adventure! Adios!  

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